Cobb Salad

Cobb And House Salad Dressings
Required • Choose 1 to 5
OS Ranch
Vinager And Oil
Os Greek
OS Honey Mustard
OS Greco
OS House Vin
OS Bleu Chz Dressing
House Vin
Greek Dressing
1000 Island
Greco Vin
Honey Mustard
Blue Chz Dressing
OS 1000 Island
Cobb Modifier
Optional • Choose up to 0
No Bleu Cheese
Os Bacon
Os Egg
Os Blue Cheese
Os Tomatoes
Os Olives
Os Cheese
Sub shredded Cheddar
Sub Kalamata
No Black Olive
No Egg
No Avocado
No Bacon
No Tomato
No Lettuce
Add Protein
Optional • Choose up to 0
Medium Well
Add Gyro
Add Ham
Add Blackend Salmon
Add Grilled Salmon
Blackned Tilapia
Blackned Chicken Breast
Add Chicken Tenders
Add Buffalo Chicken
Add Fried Chicken
Add Chicken Breast
Add Tilapia
Add Veggie Patty
Add Turkey
Add Patty
Salad Add Ons
Optional • Choose up to 0
Add Pepperoncini
Add Roasted Poblano Pepper
Add Grilled Mushrooms
Add Grilled Jalapeno
Add Pickled Jalapeno
Add Bleu C. Crumbles
Add Black Olives
Add Feta Cheese
Add Avocado
Add Spinach
Add Egg
Add Kalamata Olives
Add Red Onion
Add Cucumber
Add Tomato
Add Shredded Cheddar
Add Bacon